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Meet HotCoin

The preferred payment solution for the on-line entertainment industry and a turnkey payment processing system that is secure, anonymous and free to use. Learn more about HotCoin.

No Fees, Risks or Costly Refunds

Did you know that the on-line entertainment industry pays fees as high as 15% on each and every transaction? By utilizing the latest blockchain technology, payments are transferred almost instantly and fees are reduced or completely eliminated.

Reduced Risk

The decentralized nature of the blockchain eliminates the risk of funds being locked by banks, payment processors or intermediaries.

Refund Protection

Since transfers happen instantly, they are irreversible, which completely eliminates the high costs of refunds suffered by most sites.

Enhanced Privacy

No one wants their names and payment information to become public or stolen. HotCoin ensures the highest level of privacy for both users and site owners.

Unified Subscriptions

Because users generally frequent a large network of sites, HotCoin provides the utility of being accepted across a wide-range of sites. While a visitor might not invest in a paid subscription for a single site, they are more likely to purchase coins that will be accepted across a wide-range of sites.

New Revenue Opportunities

Hotcoin opens additional sources of revenue for websites. The HotCoin affiliate program is a very attractive way to grow site revenue. Sites are eligible to earn commissions for each new user that purchases HotCoin.


The value of HotCoin should appreciate over time and is directly linked to industry adoption and usage.

Store of Value

HotCoin not only serves as a payment system, but also as a store of value and exchange for other goods and services.

How it Works


Hotcoin is based on the Ethereum blockchain, it is backed by strong industry-proven technology and security.


The Blockchain is a digital ledger insuring secured and transparent transaction without any third party involvement. It tracks interchange and delivers an encrypted transaction between buyers and sellers.


The HotCoin platform will be implemented using a set of blockchain smart contracts to deliver frictionless payment solution for the network parties including consumers, websites and content providers.


The HotCoin platform and related software will act as an agent to enable anonymous transactions between two parties. A two-party transaction can only be settled after the agreed payment is delivered and the promised service is rendered to the customer. The settlement process is based on our blockchain smart contract technology.


HotCoin payments are highly secure and all communications occur over highly encrypted connections.

Why it’s Hot?

Cryptocurrency markets are surging, and there seems to be plenty of room for continued growth. In January 2017, cryptocurrencies had a total market cap of less than $20 billion. Today, that number exceeds $530 billion, and, at times, has approached $1 trillion USD.

This we believe is only the start and nothing compared to what will happen as institutional funds continue to invest. Since these first funds elevated the market to around $500 billion, as additional funds continue to invest, the cryptocurrency market cap could easily double or even triple in 2018, far surpassing current levels.

The largest differentiator in cryptocurrencies is the relevance of the token to the market it serves and whether or not any commercial and practical value can be extracted. Once there is a need and a standing industry, then the coin can be deemed a promising innovation. The on-line entertainment industry, will always exist in some form and always require methods for settling payments.

HotCoin fits an important but unfulfilled need by providing the on-line entertainment industry with a secure, private and free-to-use payment system.

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